How To Make A Homemade Water Purifier Filter

This has been suffering for many years, and that is why the invention of water purifying filters began, in order to eliminate external agents from water (including bacteria).

Nowadays it is extremely common to have an industrial filter at home. However, in rural areas, forests or fields, having access to clean water is very difficult.

This was another reason why they began to popularize homemade water purification filters , which work on sand or gravel.

The sand or gravel simulates the natural filtration process , similar to that of a spring, and results in a clean, good-tasting water free of bacteria and diseases such as cholera.

Water purifier filter

Most of these filters are really improvised, either in soda or water bottles.

However, there is a list of materials that are essential to achieve a good result.


Plastic bottle or container



Activated carbon

Small and medium stones

Filter construction

If your plastic container is closed, you must make a hole about 3 centimeters in diameter at the base .

If you used a bottle of soda or water, just do the filter in reverse.

Place another container under the opening. This will be responsible for collecting all the water already purified.

The filter assembly consists of placing layers of the materials. These must be firm and compact to avoid mixing between them and thus poor filtration.

Materials should be distributed by thicknesses and in the following order:

25 cm of medium stones

15 cm small stones

3 cm gravel

3 cm of coal

2 cm gravel

6 cm of very fine sand

6 cm gravel

15 cm small stones

It is important that of all these filter components do not forget the carbon. This will be responsible for killing bacteria and microorganisms that are in the water.

The most advisable thing is to use active carbon in the filter, since it is more porous and, therefore, more effective for the absorption of the filter.

If you don't get this coal you can use it crumbled. Although its absorption is a little slower it is equally effective.

How does the filter work?

After having the filtration mechanism is the simplest part of the whole process. This filter works by pouring water through the top opening of the bottle or container.

After this you must wait for the water to pass through each of the layers to reach the transparent and clean outer container.

Can you take it like this?

Yes. The collected water is completely potable and clean . You can take it properly, cool it, use it for cooking or whatever you want.

Benefits of having a purifying filter

presence of a filter that is responsible for purifying water is not only essential in rural areas, but also in our homes.

It is common to see that in the cities tap water is suitable for consumption. However, this water is mostly treated with chlorine and other chemical agents that kill bacteria and clean it but not naturally.

These chemicals, if consumed in excess, can become harmful to health and cause serious discomfort . The sand or gravel filter, whether homemade or industrial, is the most natural way to filter water , since this is the filtration process that occurs in nature. Do not add any chemicals to the water.

This filter is biodegradable and does not contaminate the rest of the water. It is 100% free of bacteria and microorganisms that can cause disease. Economical and easy to get.Industrial filters last for many years, so you won't have to be aware of changing it.